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  • Inspections and Testing

    • Sampling of structures and building materials
    • Comprehensive written reports that meet AHERA, AQMD, city, state, and federal standards
    • Activity examples: Remodeling, demolition, pre-abatement, real estate sale, AHERA compliance

  • AQMD Procedure 5 Protocols

  • Monitoring during abatement process

  • Post abatement clearances

    • Clearance certification that meets AQMD, State, and federal requirements

Should You Worry About Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals which can cause major breathing problems and cancer. Inhaling these tiny airborne fibers increases your risk of developing lung cancer and mesothelioma, a deadly form of cancer that attacks the thin lining surrounding the lungs and other organs. Most of the harmful impacts of asbestos are not seen immediately and often develop years after the initial exposure.

Contrary to common belief, the only asbestos ban (1975) regarding building materials related to spray-on type coatings and only limited their asbestos content to less than 1%. Building materials exceeding 1% asbestos content are still in use today include cement products, pipeline wrap, roofing felt, vinyl floor tile, shingles, millboard, and roof coatings to mention just a few.

The EPA does not track the manufacture, processing and distribution of products containing asbestos. In fact they state that “it would be prudent for the consumer to inquire about the presence of asbestos in particular products”.

Asbestos Masters Environmental

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Asbestos floor tiles, pre-demolition inspection
Asbestos floor tiles, pre-demolition inspection

If you suspect that there may be some form of Asbestos present in your environment, the EPA recommends that you leave it alone and get it handled by a professional Asbestos specialist, someone trained and certified in all aspects of safely handling this highly dangerous material.

That’s where MASTERS ENVIRONMENTAL can help! Just call or email us for a free consultation. Tell us about your particular Asbestos situation, and we’ll tell you what we can do to confirm its presence, determine its source, whether or not temporary containment is possible, and the safest way to remove it.


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